1. You have to check your phone every 10 minutes. Even if no one called you or texted. You are always juggling between your tasks and phone.

  2. You take your phone everywhere you go. To the toilet, during your showers, during meals, during an activity ..

  3. When you wake up, You immediately grab for your phone and you go to sleep with your phone. You even sleep with your phone on or under your pillow or next to your bed. 

  4. You check your phone while you talk to other people. You also hear phrases like: Am I talking to you or your phone?; Can you please put your phone away!; Is your hand glued to your phone?

  5. You panic when you cannot find your phone, you forgot it somewhere, or your battery is low. You freak out by the thought of not having any signal for a few hours

  6. You procrastinate all the time. Most of the time because you lose track of time. Which decreases your productivity a lot. 

  7. You are on your phone when you feel emotions you don’t want to adress. Feelings like depression, anxiety, loneliness and pain. 

  8. Your relationships are suffering, because you are always on your phone or you text, tweet, email more than you talk to people in real. 

  9. You are not happy about your life; your feeling depressed, anxious or not good enough. 

  10. You have troubles falling asleep, because the blue light released by your phone disrupts your sleeping cycle.

  11. You text, browse the internet, email, post or tweet while you’re driving or other activities that require your complete attention. 

  12. You find it hard to downsize your mobile time, but secretly wish you could be a little less connected to your phone. 

  13. You answer text, posts, emails at all hours of the day. Even if it is interrupting other things you are doing. 

  14. You always want the newest phone or app!


The WOTS-Foundation