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Good morning - afternoon - evening - midnight. I’m back with another blogstory.  In this story I will tell you  the common mistakes we made during our first hot-spot renovation project.  This home-renovation came with lots of ups and downs. The mistakes we made definitely created a few of these down moments.


So today as you probably already read in the title, I’m discussing 7 mistakes we made during the beginning stages of the renovation. 7 mistakes we learned a lot from as rookies. 


Mistake 1: Making an unrealistic planning 

When we started this project, we wrote everything down: our vision for every part of the house, the materials we were going to use, our budget, how long every project was going to take and more. Ofcourse not everything goes exactly the way you plan it. People get sick, bad weather, different materials, bad contractors etc. Those inconveniences will put you back on the timeline. And because we planned too much in detail it backfired.


Mistake 2:  Neglecting our planning a bit.

Because we were behind on our planning. We decided to neglect it a little bit to release the pressure. In the hope we would get back on schedule. Unfortunately this led towards mistake number 3


Mistake 3: Rushing through projects. 

We became more sloppy and less strict on the details. This led to for example, bad prep work. Everybody knows doing a project right the first time requires proper preparation. Whether it means re-taping, sparkling and priming walls before painting or doing structural work before re-flooring. So there where projects that had to be redone or adjusted. Which resulted in spending more time and money on one project. 


Mistake 4: Tackling to many projects at once.

In our case, one renovation project became two. and two became three, because small readjustments had to be made. And before we knew it everyone was working on different parts of the house. 


Mistake 5: Buying cheap/ way to expensive products, hiring cheap/ way to expensive contractors. 

When it comes to home renovations try not to go for the cheap products or contractors. You also do not have to buy or hire the most expensive ones, but really educated yourself. We didn’t do it throughly enough that’s why I can’t stress about it enough. 


Mistake 6: Not keeping a close I on our budget. 

We knew that every project might cost more and take longer to finish. So we made sure our budget was 30 percent more then the initial estimation. But because everything was way below our budget we started buying extra things, we didn’t need. Which we could have saved for future projects. 


Mistake 7:  Not getting an expert when necessary. 

After trying to renovate some projects by ourselves, we realized we needed some experts to help us out. This adventure costed us more than if we simply hired a expert in the first place. So always ask yourself these questions: Have you ever done a project like this before? How dangerous is it to do it by yourself? Do you have specialized knowledge required to tackle this project? 



I hope it was informative! If you have any question don't hesitate to send us a message. And if you loved reading this go  to our DIIY Home ideas by page to read more similar stories.


Melisa D.Halley

The WOTS-Foundation​