During today’s wellness escape we will be answering some frequently asked questions.

“How do you make homemade chamomile tea?”. “What can you mix with chamomile?” and “What part of the chamomile flower do you use when making the tea at home?”


To make chamomile mint tea you need 2 ingredients. 

  • dry chamomile flowers including the steele 

  • any mint leaves of your choice

You can buy these ingredients often times at a botanical or drugstore. Also if you do not prefer these ingredients floating in your beverage, You can buy a tea filter as well.


Now let’s start with creating a relaxed ambiance. 

  1. Lit some candles, play some music, boil some water and put on something comfy. 

  2. Then pour the hot water gently in a cup or a tea kettle. 

  3. After that, put one teaspoon of both ingredients in the cup or put two in a filter and place it in the tea kettle. After 5 minutes you can remove the filter and pour the tea in a cup. 

  4. If you’re used to use a sweetner ( like honey)  in your tea go ahead, but I would recommend you to taste the tea first before you add something to it.  


When drinking the tea you will experience feelings of clarity, relaxation, alertness and more. 

It’s also possible to combine chamomile with other flowers and fruits like: lavender, lemon balm, mango , citrus. We will be uploading those tea blends in the near future. So hope to see you soon.




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