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Getting rid of rust ASAP!




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Good morning- afternoon - evening - midnight, Word on the street: 'Renovating a house is not easy!' But I think that most people can relate to the fact, that when you have 'THE VISION', you will do everything in your power to make that vision a reality. So when I looked at that house I saw it's potential not the state it was in. Ofcourse I knew this was going to be the biggest project I ever worked on. 


When I think back now, I realize that our local paint expert really did a phenomenal job with the metal parts of the house. Because all the parts where covered under rust. But thanks to our genius painter we learned that some of the metal parts could be repaired. I'm so thankful that God placed this man into our lives, because it lowered the costs tremendously.


In this blog I really want to share his DIY strategy with you. Because I believe that you yourself also own at least one metal object (for example, a lamp, bicycle, doorhandles, doors etc.) . And maybe it's not covered under a lot of rust. Maybe you just want to give that object a boost. Let me help you make that object look completely new again. 


Step 1 Cleaning the rusty object

So you first start with cleaning the rusty object. He told me that for this part you can use different methods. If the object is a little bit rusty  place the object for 24 hours in white vinegar. After these 24 hours you take a spons or a brush and scrub the object clean. Another method he used is putting a mixture of salt and lime on the object for 2-3 hours and then he scrubs it off with a spons.


If the object is covered with a lot of rust he recommends to buy S.O.S. pads

our a chemical rust remover. With this method it is important to use gloves and a mouth/nose mask. 

Step 2 Priming the object

After cleaning the object he says it's important to use a 'metal' primer to provide a bonding surface for the paint. 

Step 3 Painting the object

While painting he tells me how important it is to use quality materials and products. So don't buy normal paint, really go for the paint especially made for metal objects. 

I hope it was informative! If you have any question don't hesitate to send us a message. 


Melisa D.Halley

The WOTS-Foundation