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Good morning - afternoon - evening - midnight. Welcome in a whole new blogstory. I'm not going to let you wait any longer, so lets get started ..

We decided immediately to start with the exterior of the house. The exterior of the house had to be renovated completely and was made of various different materials, including wood, brick and metal. Because it had to be done good we just hired a local painting expert. He did a really phenomenal job, so I had to ask him for some tips for our radiant DIY'ers and he was kindly enough to sit with me and share some of his method. Yay!

​The very first tip he gave me was the importance of ‘working in steps.’ The steps he follows are:


Step 1: Inspect and analyze the whole exterior of the house.When your finished you should  

  • know all the materials of the house

  • know the weaker/ broken parts of the house

  • know the tools you are going to use

Finished? Proceed to step number 2.

Step 2: Prepare the exterior before painting

  If you took the time to inspect the house you know  

  which parts of the house needs some extra TLC.  And  

  of-course you will know which parts don’t. So first start with taking the time to get the  

  weaker parts fixed. Then clean the whole house. Start with dusting the whole exterior    

  with a broom or if you prefer using a vacuum, you can use that as well ofcourse. After    

  finishing this step you need to clean the house thoroughly with water and soap. If you've   done all these steps it's time to proceed to stept number 3.


Step 3: Buy the supplies and set a date or dates when you are going to paint. 

  (TIP!) Don’t buy the cheapest material and products, because in the long run it will cost     you even more. Also really investigate if the paint is right for the materials you're going     to paint. In this step it is also wise to plan some painting-days. 


Step 4: Paint the exterior

  After all the preparation, it's finally time to paint. Really take your time with it to get the     best result. So if you have to plan in an extra day, do it. Never rush the process because   you will regret it. 


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