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Good morning- afternoon - evening - midnight. How excited is this! My name is Melisa D.Halley and I'm writing my very first blogstory for you. Today I really want to  start with an announcement. Are you ready for it ? I wrote a serie called: '‘DIY Home Ideas by Local Experts. And I will be uploading one story each month, just to celebrate the launch of our website. Hope you will enjoy this DIY experience ..

Now, lets go back to the birth of this series  It all started in februari 2018. We decided to renovate our first home in Surinam. For this project we hired local experts and students. Our goal was to create a place where people (including locals) could rest, heal, create and work. During this project I learned a lot from the local professionals and really felt inspired to write about it. 


I'm currently in Surinam, writing this story from our cozy little porch, surrounded by different types of birds. Definitely a tropical/natural vibe I can get used to. One thing I've already done is building an amazing chicken coop. I had so much fun building it that I really had to share how we did it.


This coop was build togheter with and for a family-friend. Just because he has been helping us big time! He became a ‘ chicken-coop-expert’ after making lots of chicken coops using the : EASY COOPS manual. If you want more information, instruction + photos for building a really simple chicken coop with EASY COOPS click here. But ofcourse He also learned some tricks a long the way! Down below I'm sharing a few of the tips he gave me.


TIP 1: Use a manual.

When it comes to building a chicken coop you have lots of material and video’s on the internet. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing material, but when you use a manual that comes with a price tag you will receive a lot more necessary information. If you want to become a pro, or don’t want to end up with more costs, because of your lack of knowledge always work with a manual. It’s an amazing guideline, he says 


TIP 2: Investigate the soil your going to build your coop on.  

It’s really important to inspect the soil, because you want to build a coop on the best place possible. When the ground isn’t coop proofed start with a solid floor.


TIP 3: Size your chicken coop properly. 

Don’t put to many chickens in one coop. They will not only hurt each other, they also produce less eggs and the quality will also be lesser. Every chicken needs at least 2 square feet of coop floor. The more space the happier and healthier the chicken will be. 


TIP 4: Make it easy to clean and maintain.

U can use an un-attachable roof if you have a small coop or a normal size door for a big coop, so you can easily walk into the coop. Choose something you find handy, because coops have to be cleaned regularly and torridly. 

TIP 5:  Make it predator proof.

There are different techniques to make your coop predator proof. You can install a predator apron around your coop. You can raise the coop or start with a solid floor. You can also  cover the bottom of the entire coop with hardware cloth. You can install a rust-proof lock on the doors. 


TIP 6: Use the best material. 

A lot of experts already gave this tip! But it is still one that counts. Our expert told me that he didn’t know anything about chicken coop materials. The easy coop guideline really helped him with that. Because they provided so many possibilities for him to choose from. Now he knows almost everything about every material.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you have any question don't hesitate to send us a message. And if you loved reading this go  to our hotspot page to read more similar stories.


Melisa D.Halley


The WOTS-Foundation

Ps. Get your EASY COOP manual now.