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Hi, so today I want to share a whole new adventure with you. This little adventure includes a new local expert. Okay, I am way to excited, so lets begin! A whole year later after we started renovating, the government decide to build a road. As a result, we had to raise the floors of the house and the garage. So ofcourse we hired a local expert. 


 At first I thought, maybe we can include this ' floor raising thing ' to our DIY Home series. But after talking with the expert, I realized that it could be way to difficult for DIY'ers to accomplish. I was immediately sold when he suggested to do a blogstory about painting the concrete floors. Because it was definitely a do-able project. With his and our local painter's help, I was able to make this instructive blogpost. So keep on reading!

Step 1: Clean the concrete floor. 

It doesn't matter if you just raised the floor or if it's an old concrete floor. You have to clean the floor first. For this job it is important to use 2 different products. One that cleans the concrete and one that removes efflorescenc from the concrete floor. Efflorescenc is a white powder that sometimes develops on damp concrete floors. 

Step 2: Apply a sealer to the concrete floor. 

This sealer will help prevent natural causes to effect the paint. Always use 2 to 3 coats of sealer to the floor. Give every coat several days, before you put another coat on it. After each coat, use a paint roller to smooth the sealer over the concrete, slightly overlapping each stroke. Also always use a paintbrush to apply the sealer to corners and edges. 

Step 3: Apply a primer to the concrete floor. 

A primer is used to fill any gaps or voids in the floor. Which will give the floor a smooth appearance. It's important to use a paintbrush to apply it to the corners and edges. For the rest of the floor you can use a roller. 

Step 4: Paint the concrete floor. 

Finally, your now able to paint the floor. For this part use the same technique as with the sealer and primer. 

I hope it was informative! If you have any question don't hesitate to send us a message. And if you loved reading this go  to our hotspot page to read more similar stories.



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