The WOTS-Foundation invests in hotspots

all over the world. With the goal to give people the chance to relax, regenerate or simply reset from their daily lives. At the moment there is already 1 hotspot in Surinam available. Number 2  is on it's way .. 

The beautiful part of this project, is the work possibility that we provide for the locals. Not only during the renovation-process , but also to maintain the hotspots.  Think about hosting, technical, gardening and painting jobs.


Taking care of your whole body is really important, but It's not always possible to go to a  physical wellness. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy a wellness escape when needed. Because most people do have a internet-connection the WOTS-Foundation decided to provide their readers of various posts to create reasonable wellness escapes by themselves wherever they are. With the  goal to boost their mental and physical health. 


Self-care is any activity that we do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.The WOTS-Foundation is a big believer of the fact that if you give people the knowledge  techniques, strategies, exercises and some guidance they are able to radiate their overall health. To provide you with the best information possible they brought a psychologist- behaviorist  neuroscientist- and researcher on the team to lead this project on thewotsfoundation.com. It is also possible to contact them if you need some therapy 101 or just some extra guidance ..


How well do you know yourself? 

Really how well do you know the inside you?

This project will give you all the inside about you!

So go feed your curiosity. Go discover which part of you you have to invest in to become the best you, you can possibly be.