Sea Salt Mud Mask | The WOTS-Foundation

FRIDAY 22 MAY 2020




0 2 tablespoons of (dead sea) clay or your own clay of choice

0 1 tablespoon of sea salt ( himalayan salt , dead sea salt or celtic sea salt )

0 1 cup of water 

0  additional option : any essential oil of choice 



( ! Preparation)

Boil some hot water and pour it in a little bowl or cup. Then put 1 tablespoon of  sea salt in the water. Let this mixture sit until the salt has dissolved. ( I would recommend you to do this a day earlier or in the morning)


  1. Take a small bowl and put 2 tablespoons of you clay in there.  

  2. Now grab your salt water ( you can head it if you want and pour it in the clay. Not to much ,otherwise you’ll end up with a clay soup! Mix it well.

  3. You can add in an essential oil like peppermint or just start with applying it to your face. 

  4. Relax and enjoy and after 15 minutes rinse it off your face.