This blogstory is for you who finds it hard to take normal breaks during the day. Let me start by saying: ‘Don’t be to hard on yourself. The fact that you already admitted that you have to change your break-taking-routine is already a starter ..


Most people skip their breaks because of a wrong thinking-pattern. Thoughts like: taking a break is time-waisting, I’m probably laizy if I take to many breaks, My brain can handle it and so on. But skipping breaks can also occur when you are addicted to being busy all the time. Because when you take a break negative/ uncomfortable feelings occur, due to the fact that you're brain is not used to taking breaks.

These causes you deal with are facts you embraced, but the real truth is that our brain only has a concentration-span between 25 - 90 minutes. After at least 90 minutes you should take a break to prevent decision fatigue, lack of focus, productivity, memory losses, creativity loss, promotes stress, and anxiety. 


All these executive functions that are summed up above take place in the prefrontal lobe. This is the area behind your forehead and doesn’t rest. When you take a break it uses the downtime to make important connections that shape your (social) identity, review and store (new) memories, (faster/ clearer) thinking abilities , focus-span, creativity, goal setting and more 


It is possible that after reading this story, you have some questions about how often you should take a break, how long your break should be or what you should do during your break. In the next post we will be answering all these questions. In the meantime you can start with analyzing your break-taking habits with  our ' Brain breaks tracker !' 

See you in the next blogpost!


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